Casement Style Replacement Windows
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Salem Window Co. offers a wide selection of replacement windows and options.

Salem Window Co. offers every imaginable American replacement window style—from elegant, room-expanding bay and bow systems to more functional basement hoppers. Breeze-catching casements to traditional double-hungs. Unique bottom-opening awning-style models to panoramic picture windows. Multi-functional garden windows to more practical sliders. We even offer custom aluminum storm windows to protect your existing windows.


Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Gorell Double-Hung Windows represent the most popular style in America today. Homeowners appreciate their unique blend of functionality and beauty. They feature the renowned Caldwell constant-force balance system that makes them unbelievably easy to open and close—a real benefit when it comes to cleaning windows.

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  1. Constant Force Balancing
  2. Heavy-Duty Cam Sweep Locks
  3. Metal Lock Keepers
  4. Ventilation Limit Locks
  5. Automotive-Type Glazing
  6. Heavy-Duty, Integral Lift Rail
  7. Easy-Pull Tilt Latches
  8. Fully Wept Sash and Frame
  9. Sloped-Sill Design
  10. Anti-Drift Top Sash


Sliding Replacement Windows

Our Sliding Windows are the choice of homeowners who appreciate their exquisite design—and the unobstructed view this style provides. These windows glide smoothly with the push of a finger to let in fresh air and open for cleaning.

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  1. Lift-Out or Tilt 'N Slide™ Models
  2. Brass Rollers
  3. Heavy-Duty Sill Design
  4. Independently Wept Sill Chambers
  5. Heavy-Duty Cam Sweep Lock
  6. Two- or Three-Lite Configurations
  7. Full-Length Meeting Rail Interlock
  8. Extruded Metal Screen Frames
  9. Ventilation Limit Locks
  10. Integral Pull Rail
  11. Anti-Drift Rail


Casement Replacement Windows

In a class of their own, these superb Gorell Casement Windows are known for their ease of operation and tight closure for keeping out moisture and air. They offer beauty and excellent security as well.

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  1. Beveled Exterior Frame
  2. Truth™ Custom Action Hardware
  3. Automotive-Type Glazing
  4. Multi-Point Locking System
  5. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Screens
  6. Polypropylene Poly-Fin Weather Stripping
  7. Q-Lon™ Ultra-Compression Weather Seal


Awning Replacement Windows

Our premium-quality Awning Windows from Gorell open outward from the bottom. They're unique because they can even be left open during a light rain to let in fresh air. Like our casement products, these windows offer tight closure for enhanced security and high energy efficiency.

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  1. Numerous Fixed and Operating Configurations
  2. Custom-Engineered Lock-and-Seal System
  3. Truth™ Custom Action Hardware
  4. Automotive-Type Glazing
  5. Beveled Exterior Frame
  6. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Screens
  7. Polypropylene Poly-Fin Weather Stripping
  8. Q-Lon™ Ultra


Bay Replacement Windows

Having one of our Gorell Bow or Bay Window Systems in your home will not leave you at a loss for words when it comes to the benefits they provide. More light. An expanded view of the outdoors. A place to curl up and read—or showcase your treasures. Elegant, unique beauty.

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  1. Double-Hung, Casement and Picture Window Configurations
  2. Patented Scupper System
  3. Hand-Crafted Oak or Birch Wood Seatboards and Trim
  4. Decorative Glass Options
  5. Optional Insulated Seatboard
  6. Soft, Low-Voltage Lighting Option


Garden Replacement Windows

You’ll love this quality-built Garden Window because it truly is both unique and functional. It will introduce more light into your home and make the room it’s in physically larger. Not to mention that it’s the perfect place for growing plants and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

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  1. Operating Trapezoid Side Panels
  2. Clear Double-Insulating Glass
  3. Tempered, Sloped Top Panel
  4. Center Fixed Window with Integral Weep System
  5. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Screens
  6. Flexible Bulb Gaskets
  7. Roto™ Operating Hardware
  8. Foam-Insulated Pionite™ Seatboard
  9. Optional Adjustable Glass Shelves


Specialty-Shaped Replacement Windows

We offer Gorell Specialty-Shaped Windows to help you realize your unique design ideas. Choose from styles like Half-round Circle Tops, "Eyebrow" Tops, or Quarter-round Windows. You can also get Trapezoids, Octagons or Cathedral specialty shapes.

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Aluminum Storm Windows

Gorell Storm Windows represent a practical, cost-effective way to protect your prime windows from harsh weather, lower your energy bills, enhance the appearance of your home and reduce maintenance on your prime windows.

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Salem Window Co. is proud to carry the full line of Gorell Replacement Windows.



We sell Gorell Windows and Doors which are ENERGY STAR® qualified when you incorporate them with a Low-E (low emissivity) glass system. So look for the ENERGY STAR label on qualifying products.